Many bullets hit the ship’s edge,Is a burst of sparks,A lot of bullets came to Chen Xiu.。

“Promise cut!”
Chen Xiu put his left arm around Wang Zilin in a coma,Drew a soft sword from his right waist,The bullets will be shot down one after another。
The old ship’s head is lying under the rim,Don’t know the situation,An Nan’s commander looked at everything in front of him through the binoculars in disbelief。
what’s the situation?
Smash the bullet with a sword,I didn’t wake up,I still haven’t woken up from the wine last night!
“Keep shooting,The second team threw grenades!”The commander issued an order loudly。
Chen Xiu saw the grenade thrown from the cruise ship from afar,I was thinking:“I didn’t want to open the killing ring,This is what you forced me!”
“Boat boss,Help me take care of her,I’ll be back!”
Chen Xiu put Wang Zilin next to the boat boss,The ship boss was at a loss:“The big sea,It’s rain of bullets outside,Where are you going?”
I haven’t waited for the boss to respond,Chen Xiu jumped out of the boat,Flying in the air like a petrel,Directly jumped onto a frigate。
what’s the situation!
All An Nan soldiers thought it was hell,Especially Chen Xiuyue the soldier who got on the ship,Chen Xiu was right in front of them but he forgot to shoot。
Chen Xiu shot without mercy,Anyway, An Nan soldiers who died in his hands are not a minority,Sword Shadow,Must be blood splattered three feet,More than a dozen people on a boat did not react and all their heads fell.。
what’s the situation!
I don’t know how many times Commander An Nan was shocked,I was surprised that the telescopes fell to the ground。