[Only what can rice cookers do]_ How to cook _ How to make

[Only what can rice cookers do]_ How to cook _ How to make

Many people have just moved or have special circumstances. They only have a rice cooker and no other cooking pots. In addition, there is no way to cook if they need to live in a convenient way. If they just eat rice, they will feel no taste.Rice cookers do not only cook soup, they can also cook dishes. The method is simple and the firepower is sufficient.

It may be that the cooking of the rice cooker is far-fetched most of the time, but the quality is definitely not as good as the normal pot because of the interruption of the conditions.

But the following dishes are more special. Relatively speaking, using a rice cooker is easier to operate than a wok or stew, and the firepower is more suitable. It can be said that the following dishes are tailored for the rice cooker!

Cooking skills with a rice cooker Regarding the soup, the rice cooker does not have a choice of heat. The soup is mainly cooked after the high heat is turned to a low heat and slowly simmered. If you want to control the size of the fire, ordinary rice cookers can’t do it, but you can choose to controlThe degree of boiling of the soup in the pot. The method is to leave gaps of different sizes in the stack. The more the gaps boil, the less time it takes. The disadvantage is that the heat cycle changes, the quality of the soup and the ingredients in it changes, and the cooking time changes., The amount of water evaporation will increase, even psychologically, the aroma also runs away.

If you are not demanding and just want to drink nutritious, cooked soup, then the above problems can be ignored. There is no problem in cooking rice soup.

What about cooking rice cookers?

The answer is yes, but not all dishes.

The rice cooker has limited firepower. Those who need to stir fry, fry fast, and have too much water must not be fried with a rice cooker. Although it can definitely be cooked, the appearance and taste will not be good.Pan-fried dishes are only suitable for those dishes that have low firepower and can be cooked without affecting the appearance of the dish. The dishes that are not even out of water during the frying process, and some dishes cooked with some soup in the second half.

In addition, the electric rice cooker is also very suitable for scallions, ginger, garlic, and chili because it does not have much firepower.

It should be noted that during the cooking process, sometimes the heating button may be forced to be extended (this situation is recommended to be avoided), sometimes the cooking time is extended, and sometimes the lid needs to be closed to accelerate the heat cycle.