Wang Jiaer’s Believe in the Future Charity Performance dedicated to Love, and asked everyone to pay attention to hygiene

Wang Jiaer’s “Believe in the Future” Charity Performance dedicated to “Love”, and asked everyone to pay attention to hygiene
On May 9th, the third live broadcast of the “Believe in the Future” online charity was officially launched. Singer Wang Jiaer softly sang “Love”. The textured voice conveyed the love and moved.Hygiene, wearing masks when you go out is also for yourself and your family. “The song “Love” is inspired by the classic lines in “Avengers 4″ and is a solo version of Wang Jiaer’s refilled words after hearing the original version on the music platform.”Love” represents Wang Jiaer’s ultimate understanding of the sequence of each emotional stage-whether it is the determination to go all out in the face of setbacks, the will to win from the athlete’s origin, and beyond his own heart . Wang Jiaer accepts sauna nightIn an interview with the Internet, it was said, “I will do my best to do everything I have set my heart to accomplish.There will be many emotions in a person’s life, but in any case: love, beyond everything.”Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Tian Ai Ni proofreading Li Xiangling