Cage starring in the classic movie National Treasure will make a drama version, starring young actors

Cage starring in the classic movie “National Treasure” will make a drama version, starring young actors
Sauna Night News reportedly reported by foreign media that the gold producer Jerry Brookheimer has recently reappeared: the well-known action adventure film series “National Treasure” starring Nicholas Cage will be adapted into a series.The show will be starred by young actors and will be broadcast on the streaming platform Disney +.In the Air Force, Disney has confirmed that it will create the movie “National Treasure 3”, and the script will be written by Chris Bremner, the screenwriter of “Jedimen 3”.The film will be screened on the theater, and the original cast will return to appear.It is reported that these two projects are currently under active development.The picture comes from the network “National Treasure” series of movies starring Nicolas Cage, directed by Joe Det Duba, Justin Barcelona, Diane Kruger, John Water, Harvey Kettle and other actors.The film focuses on various treasure hunts by amateur cryptographers born in the adventure family and computer expert Riley, library doctor Abigail and others.The global box office of the first two is 3 respectively.$ 47.5 billion and 4.$ 5.7 billion.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading He Yan