“Control the intensity appropriately!I’m going to pay my little mom a new year!My nose is swollen?”

Xiangyang behind Xiang Chen knocked on the back of the chair,Audible reminder。
If Xiang Chen delays her big plan of receiving red envelopes,Then Yuan Qing is no longer the only one who wants to kill Xiang Chen。
“I’m going to pay a New Year’s greeting,Your murder weapon,I temporarily confiscate!”
Put away Yuan Qing’s folding knife,Xiang Chen also provocatively explained to her。
Yuan Qing wanted to take back her weapon,It’s just that the bag on your forehead really hurts。
Holding his hot forehead,Yuan Qing can clearly feel a swollen piece there。
Maybe it’s because of dry eyes,Yuan Qing, who turned her head, saw the scene in the right-view mirror,Tears welled up……
Ring the doorbell of Xiangjia in Korean,Korean Xiang, dressed as a cook, is the same as Xiang Yang, except for Yuan Qing’s identity,After asking the same question as Xiangyang,Xiang Chen also took the trouble to introduce Yuan Qing as his fan。
After hearing Xiang Chen’s answer,Three women who do not admit this answer have different thoughts。
Politely invite three people into the house,Even if Xiang Chen clarified that Yuan Qing behind him was here,Han Yuxiang still generously invited her。
“You don’t want to stay in the car,My stomach growls again,Otherwise, let go of the hatred for now,eat something?”
Xiang Chen made suggestions to Yuan Qing,I guess Xiang Chen、After the relationship between Korean Xiang and Xiangyang,Yuan Qing obviously hasn’t recovered from the shock。