082 Empty weekend

“is it,Ha ha。”The two got in the car and started the return journey,Yu Ge was driving while chatting with Xia Shuyue,“My boss treats me very well,Buy me a car。”
It’s 2003,Even mobile phones are not very popular,Not to mention the car,As long as you have something that smokes,In Xia Shuyue’s eyes, they are all successful people,Think of her Zhao Luo,Just a hero in a drunken dream,She couldn’t help but sigh,“that’s nice。”
Yu Ge is strange,She said it was nice,Sigh on one side,But he didn’t ask anything。
They arrived in the city soon,Xia Shuyue contacted Zhang Siwei,Zhang Siwei gave her driver’s phone number,Just leave the car to the driver。
Separate from Yu Ge,Xia Shuyue went straight home,Tossing and turning at night can’t sleep,Think about your future development,Thought about it all night,She is sure,No more job changes,Just in the advertising industry。
If you continue to change jobs,I don’t know much about everything I do,In the end, nothing will happen,Like Yu Ge,Never attended college,Do the job very well,She suddenly realized that she has a lot to learn。
From this day,Xia Shuyue starts to learn about advertising as long as she is free,Although there is not much clue,But learn whatever you have。
See a classic slogan,Whether it’s domestic or foreign,She has to study where the classics are,Why attractive,Why it succeeded,Then take notes seriously。
I’ll sit at the company and play with the computer when I’m fine,See some good people or a good advertising design,She just wanted,The design people are all white-collar workers,But there are still ordinary people and masters,And the experience of masters does not seem to have a high starting point。
Like Yu Ge,Well-known in the industry,But only went to high school,I paid to study advertising in a training institution for a year,I rely on my own efforts to get to this day,These have increased her confidence。
But sometimes it is inevitable to think of the company I stayed in,Too small,The jobs that are taken are too small,No technical content,She is also mostly running errands,I feel cold again for a moment。
It’s the weekend in a flash,What Xia Shuyue likes most is to sleep late,No matter how tired the workday,As long as I can sleep in late on weekends,It feels like being resurrected again。
Say again,Now single,Get up early and get up late,I’m alone in the house anyway,Apart from cleaning and reading,No one can talk to himself。