Today, Lingfeng Mountain is afraid to have blood into the river.……

When Liu Sheng is fluttering,Chu Deer followed behind,I asked a sentence.:“When you see my friend,Is she hurt??”
“not yet,She should have no resistance,Just follow your father。”Liu Sheng flutter appeases the Chu Deirers。
Chu Deirers are sigh in their hearts.——It seems that the pity is really a bad mood.,It is very likely because yesterday,The fire is grouped by the teacher,No vent。
Actually, I really followed Liu Sheng but Malaysian to the new coverage,Not on the spot?
This is the rhythm of killing.……
“We have to get better!Learn me!”Chu Deiren said decisive。
Chu Deirers still want to see,Have no chance,Ask Liu Sheng, but horse,About God’s plan,I am afraid that he is cool.……
Liu Sheng is hesitating,After hesitating out,But I was caught by Chu Deirers.,then……Dolphin running method!
“I move along my arrogance,Don’t resist。”Chu Deirens reminded a sentence。
Then I only see the Xifeng Dujijun,The two have been shrouded,Even the Chu Deiren specially added a layer“Evil spirits”ofBUFF,Suddenly ghost Edison。
The two faster Ruo Dapeng brushed from the street,Running all the way to the Lingfeng Mountain referred to!
“and many more!just in front,First wait first, etc.!”Liu Sheng said in a place not far from Zhuangzi.。
Afterwards, according to the plan,She will find a way to help Chu Deirers hide their identity.,Take away the detained“Moon”,Then Liu Sheng, but the horse is chasing,With Chu Deirers——Chu Deirers’ martial arts,But there is a drag,Fair to escape!
This is also a place where Liu Sheng is worried.,Feel the true gas of Judi,After pouring your body,The two people are like a light power,Liu Sheng is worried,She can’t catch up with it.。
And if you plan to act,The latter is not far away is a cliff cliff.,After escaping from the back door,Liu Sheng, but the horse is chasing the Chu Deirers near the cliff,After that, Liu Sheng flooded when he stopped his father.,Will miss one more,The father who will be with the Chu Deirers to fight the cliff!
But actually,On the cliff under the cliff,Already have a special ninja,Ready to save people,And the cliff is also ready,A fell is not like the body,Naturally wearing Liu Sheng but horse-owned clothes。
Then Liu Sheng drifts to crash in succession,Continue to the Chu Deirers,Always stare at him,And at any time chance to get him。
Just hesitate to hesitate in Liu Sheng,How should I play a solution to a plan?“What should I do?”When the problem is patch,Chu Deirers suddenly open the mouth:“Can’t hesitate!listen……”
“what?what are you doing?So rushing in,My father will……”Liu Shengwei。
How is this person so??
Has people inside, don’t you know??Directly to conflict?
No cliff,How can I swindle??
However, Liu Sheng is just chasing two steps.,I also found that things are wrong.——Zhuangzi seems to have some panic noise……
Waiting for Liu Sheng to chase Chu Deirers,When I came to the door,I saw two eastward swordsmen.,From panic, you want to escape。
“Xiao Lang、Shinnosuke,What do you run??”Liu Shengwei’s Questioning Using Dongyu’s Question,Chu Deirers can only listen half-guess,Simple Sribune,Chu Deirers still understand。
And the two people said Dongpu said,More complex,And the two are panicked,Foreword does not work back,Chu Deirers have not understood,It’s just that the two points are divided into the backyard.。
Liu Shengwei Wen 神 神 神,Real into the backyard,Chu Deirers don’t know if they come back.,Also followed it,I saw it from the court to the backyard.,You can see the body everywhere。
Some of the samurai who is a new cloud,Some probably Liu Sheng but horse-owned foreign employment、Other East Music。