Conservation no longer asks,Look up at the world beyond the smoke,Don’t know what’s thinking,Qi Ling is anxious,But it’s not easy to bother,Conservation at this moment is the form after the soul returns,Indeterminate temperament,I dare not talk nonsense,But if you have to wait for Li Tianzhi to wake up,,After the unity of spirit and soul,It seems to have no chance to speak。

“Is it weird,Why must I keep a piece of mortal world here?”
No answer,Don’t know how to answer。
“Starting from Metaverse,The entire universe is directly or indirectly created by the homeland,The power of rules makes this world take shape,And can continue to develop independently,From the original universe to the present,Twenty-two cosmic epochs,Countless heavens appeared,Unclear number of race and civilization changes,Too much to catch,Dazzled,But they are all deduced from birth under the protection of rules、development of,To the top,To decline、Process of death,Without exception,Until I saw the mortal world。”
Surprised,Then felt incredible,Mortal world?Such a weak heaven,Too small to care,A little spot in the vast sea of stars,Still in the most inconspicuous position,If you don’t consider that destruction and conservation have been in this world,It won’t even look at it。
Chapter one thousand and seventy nine wake
“So what the adults are saying is?”Cautious,It has never seen Conservation in its cognition and said so many things。
“The mortal world is the only one I have seen that has established a certain system,And spiraling world,And may break the underlying rules。”
The first half of the sentence is not understandable,But he doesn’t even think about the second half sentence,Since the universe was created chaotically,And establish the basic order,All the heavens in the universe are born in order,Also die out because of order,No exception,Don’t say such a weak heaven,Is the metaworld、The fairy world wants to break through the underlying rules,It’s impossible,Because all the top powers who want to try in the long history are dead,Can’t even survive in chaos,This is the proof。
And the will of the universe is a crawler under the rules,Not using rules,They are not much stronger than the mighty ones emerging from these heavens,From the perspective of Qi Ling,The entire universe is still completely dominated chaotically,The three bottom rules are the guardians,Although its owner’s creation and the child’s destruction are in a period of weakness,It’s not that these heavens can challenge。
The reason for conservation,It should be mostly prevarication,Or Li Tianzhen’s incomplete awakening,The original soul is contaminated with some impurities of the mortal world,I left some fancy thoughts after returning。
“But now it’s not just the mortal world,The newly emerging dark matter is more direct,Can ignore the rules,The existence of the Dark Portal is a very bad sign,Chuangsheng was a little reckless。”Conservation doesn’t care what Qi Ling thinks,The explanation ends here,At least it shows that if you are not ready now,It won’t go to the dark gate temporarily。
Qi Ling’s proud heart was smashed,It forgot its owner,And the dark matter that trapped the owner,Those terrible black things make it shudder when it thinks of it,Conservation is so direct,Not giving face is a small matter,The warning is true。
“The sun is coming。”Don’t look at the starry sky map again,I won’t even deal with the device,Turned around and looked at the outside world,Lost in thought again。
This sentence makes Qi Ling even more confused,What is the sun?But it dare not ask again,Since conservation has made it clear,Will not ignore the plight of creation,Can only bear it,Wait a minute,After giving a gift, Qi Ling turned and flew into the starry sky,As the lead cloud drifts away slowly。
at this time,The smoke in the center of the white highland is thicker,And the outside world,A red sun rises from the east,Yamakawa Osawa,Jiang He Hu Hai gradually gained color,And by icy、Dull becomes alive,Full of life soon。