But soon,They walked to the center of the tomb,Speaking of,The ancients are really good,Because they don’t know how to invent something like a permanent light,As long as it encounters oxygen,Can burn,To keep their sleeping place bright。

“I go,I thought the legend was fake!”
Qin Feng hadn’t done much wicked things like tomb robbers before,But once I heard some mercenaries talk about all kinds of incredible things in the tomb。
of course,Qin Feng at that time was just listening to it as some kind of legend,After all, many myths are basically false。
But who can think of,It turned out that this thing could really happen to his eyes。
Besides,He discovered that there was a name carved on a stone with red paint,Thus,Even as the years go by,It will not fade the carved text。
“Tomb of General Pingxi”
Very simple words,But it will give people a shock when I see it。
And besides,There is a special crystal coffin。I didn’t know how the crystal was produced in that era,But this thing is real。
“Is this a modern product??”Jiang Yan couldn’t help but ask。
Qin Feng couldn’t answer the other party,After all, he doesn’t know what’s going on。
But what he can see is,Beside the ancient tomb,And an ancient sword,About one meter two or three long。Such a sword should have existed as a short sword in ancient times。
But I saw that this sword was placed in the same position as the ancient tomb,In other words, its status is very high.。
“amount,Do i take it away?”
Qin Feng didn’t know what to say at this time,But at least,This should be a good thing。
finally,Qin Feng still couldn’t help but walked to that place and picked up the short sword。