Listen to Niu Huiling,I lowered my head embarrassedly。Wang Youdao will not go home long,In fact, she still has certain responsibilities as a daughter-in-law。

“mom!Your old man stayed up all night here,I registered the house,I’ll go back and rest。Since 2nd brother and 2nd sister-in-law are here,Give them a chance to fulfill their filial piety!”Wang Youcai said,I squeezed my eyes at my mother Chen Yueqin。
Chen Yueqin hesitated and said:“Ok!I’ll leave it to you here。Our Lao Wang family paid the most to Youdao,So let him do his filial piety to his dad,Not too much”
“take a break!Here we watch”Niu Huiling’s face is a bit ugly,But for the sake of face,I reluctantly said a few words。Woman in the workplace,She still knows this。
When Wang Youcai took Chen Yueqin with him,。Wang Youdao suddenly said to him:“I settled mom,Just come over,I have something to ask you”
Wang Youcai glanced at Wang Youdao,Did not speak,Instead, she took her old lady Chen Yueqin to the small hotel without saying a word。A small hotel,He doesn’t want to move when he sees the warm bed。But when I think of my second brother Wang Youdao’s serious look,He still thinks he should go to the hospital。
Toss back and forth like this,I found that white fish has appeared in the east。The more this time,It gets colder outside。
In the passage of Wang Degui’s ward,Niu Huiling couldn’t sit still after being frozen,She kept walking around in the passage。The quilt covered by Chen Yueqin is placed on the bench,But this woman took a look,I just don’t want to build it。
Wang Youdao has been standing at the door of his father Wang Degui’s bed,His two eyes through the glass window,Keep looking at Wang Degui on the hospital bed。He suddenly found,Dad is a lot older。When I think of his years in school,Wang Youdao’s eyes are wet。
“Second brother!Don’t stand still,You sit down for a while!”Wang Youcai walked gently to Wang Youdao’s side,Whispered。
Wang Youdao recovered,Looking back at Wang Youcai,Asked quietly:“Where’s the big brother?He called,Said he was in the hospital!”
“Don’t mention them in front of me,From today,My Wang Youcai doesn’t have his big brother。The unfilial person,I don’t believe he can become a big climate”Wang Youcai said fiercely。
Wang Youdao asked with a smile:“What’s going on here?I want to break my brotherhood?Not so much!Anyway,We are brothers,Some things will be fine if you open it up?”
“You judge。Where is the east end of our village,That’s our family’s land,Of course,Your account was transferred out early,Not for you,But i have!”Wang Youcai said angrily。
Wang Youdao nodded and said:“There must be,What’s going on?Why did it hit the ground again?”Wang Youdao asked with a puzzled look。