“In fact, you have to think we are every day.”The following words haven’t said yet,Li Hui Feng does not help but feel a spirit。

Every day, although he is physically,And was transformed by Xianquan,But I can’t hold it every day.。
“Cough small ya,I don’t have to be every day.,I am afraid that I can’t eat every day.。”
Looking at Li Hui’s appearance,Qin Su Ya couldn’t help but laugh。
“See you scare you,I am joking with you.,And my sister is talking,Just with you,Do a little or willing,After all, you are with the sister.。”
One heard this,Li Hui Feng suddenly understood why Qin Su Ya said it knows.,It turned out to be really known.。
“Hey-hey,Little Ya,Don’t think so much,I will take you home for a while.,By the way, the things of the tricks are challenged with my parents.。”
“what!Need not,Need not,This is fine,What is said,I am not good at the name of our village.,You now grow everywhere,If you are known, you are really together.,Will definitely take a reputation of your reputation。”
I heard that Li Hui, I have to take myself to see Wang Jing and Li Shouye.,Qin Su Ya is also moving,Although she knows, I don’t necessarily have any results.,But Li Hui has this heart, it is enough to talk to her.。
Can the reputation change to Xiaoya Sister so beautiful??
Nothing in my eyes is not。”
“All right,All right,I know,eat first,After eating, then。”
Qin Su Ya said,I gave Li Xiang from the basket while holding the rice.。
Li Hui Feng saw Qin Su Ya’s appearance,I know that the other party is really don’t want to go back to him.。
The heart is also invisible。
“Little Ya,Eat together,After eating, I am going to go to county.,Do you want to be together??”
“no need,I am still helping you at home.。”
Just talking in two people,Sun Yar, who carrying a picture board, appeared at the door。
Sun Yarru chatted with Wang Jing yesterday.,Especially Li Hui’s things are also known.。
Originally thought about last night,However, it is too quiet in the night of the countryside.,Silent let her feel afraid,So a big early morning,She directly puts the picture of the painting board coming out.,From Li Hui’s home。
“A style,It turns out that you are really here.。”
Sun Yaruan saw Qin Su Ya,It is also amazing.,See the beautiful face of each other,She suddenly somewhat awkward feelings。
But soon, she found a problem.,I have a little like the other side.,At least seven points are similar。
This moment,Her heart is also in the heart,She knows that Li Hui has been smashed by her.,Then I found a woman who was long with my lonself.。
Li Hui looked at Sun Yarru, like a smile.,Also invisible,He thought the other party,I didn’t expect the other party.。
“Why haven’t you gone??”
When Qin Suya saw Sun Yaru, he also felt that the other party was very beautiful.,Especially I heard that the other party named Li Hui Hui“A style”when,Her heart is suddenly a little nervous。
That feels like the other party to follow her gun.。
“A style,How can you say this?,Yesterday, didn’t you say let me find a personal home??
Then let me help you。”
Sun Yarn’s exit,Li Hui’s face is a little ugly,Qin Su Ya’s face is some pale。