[How to make dumpling stuffing is more delicious]_Stir down_Delicious practice

[How to make dumpling stuffing is more delicious]_Stir down_Delicious practice

The fillings of dumplings are especially important for dumplings. Later, people eat dumplings to eat their fillings. There are many foods that can be used as dumpling fillings. Different fillings have different flavors and have different effects.

There are also many techniques to make delicious meat fillings. Some can put seasonings in the meat fillings, add some water or some cooking oil to the fillings, and so on. Let me introduce how to make them in detail below.The dumpling stuffing is more delicious.

How to make dumpling stuffing 1.

Too many people mix dumpling stuffing in seasonings and meat fillings. They always like to put the minced vegetables and the minced meat together and stir evenly.

Although it is very easy, the taste will be greatly reduced.

The correct way is to stir the minced onion and ginger into the meat filling first, then add various spices, stir well before adding the vegetables you want.


Appropriately add water to the meat filling without water, it is easy to separate the filling from the vegetables when filling, and the taste is not very good.

Therefore, an appropriate amount of water can be added to the stirred meat filling so that the seasoning can be fully dissolved in the meat filling.

The method of adding water is also particular about it. While gently adding water around the horizontal side, insert chopsticks in one direction and stir.

Add water according to the amount of water you choose. For vegetables like cabbage, which are easy to dispense water, do not add water to dumpling stuffing.


Meat filling with cooking oil Some people don’t like fatty meat, so meat filling also buys lean meat.

But in fact, half-fat and thin legs are more delicious for dumpling stuffing.

If the meat has been bought, you may wish to add some edible oil to it, the lubricating effect will not be greasy.

There is another ingredient that can also increase the axial freshness, and then beat an egg into the meat filling, you will find that the dumplings made are even delicious, and the filling will stick into a whole piece and will not loose.


Don’t have too many kinds of seasonings. I like to put a variety of seasonings in cooking, but the most important thing in cooking is to keep the original flavor of the food.

The seasoning does not have the effect of alkalinity to increase freshness. Do not put too much even if you put it, salt, soy sauce, chicken essence.

If the pork is stuffed with three fresh fillings, the seasoning is even less, so that the umami of the shrimp can be highlighted.