Changsha shutdown, 1209 transition discipline training institutions participated in the school training primary and secondary school students decreased by about 80%

People’s Network Changsha December 9 (Reporter Lin Luo) "Double Reduction" has advanced, 1209 in Changsha City, shut down or transition 1209; the number of primary and secondary school students participating in the school training from 200,000 Reduce nearly 40,000 people and decrease by about 80%. This is the relevant data obtained from the Hongsha Education Bureau School Foreign Education and Training Regulatory Office.

It is reported that the Leading Group of Changsha Municipal Committee has held the "Double Reduction" work promotion meeting from September 14 and November 5, respectively, and vigorously promoted the standardization of proofreading training institutions.

Municipal Education Bureau jointly public security, civil affairs, municipal supervisor, residential construction and urban management and other functional departments have carried out special actions for the rectification of school training institutions, and three joint supervision have been carried out, and 3 inspection and notifications have been issued. Batch of violations of foreign training institutions.

"As of now, there are 57 unlicensed institutions, investigated 101 violation training; 4343 courses of training institutions, 2239 discipline training courses, 2104 non-discipline training courses. Bottom this year The opening rate and usage rate of the fund supervision account of the school training institutions will reach 100%.

The relevant person in charge of the Changsha Municipal Education Bureau said that the next Changsha City will strengthen daily supervision and management, play the role of school training supervision platform, strict training institutional pre-recovery supervision, discipline training institutions training time; severely crack down on unlicensed training behavior and change Discipline training behavior, joint community, property comprehensive investigation, eliminating unlicensed institutions living space. At the same time, establishing non-disciplines such as sports, science and technology, cultural art, clearly set standards, admission methods and management methods; continuing to prevent risks, establish information sharing mechanisms, joint multi-sectoral questions and seedlings and timely warning, Be early, early, ensure that the training industry is smoothly healthy. (Editor: Li Shujing, Luo Shuai) Sharing let more people see client downloads.