2021 "Reading Beijing · Top Ten Excellent Reading Space" selection results announced

The selection activities of Qinghe Street Library, Haidian District, through the primary selection of the District-level library, and the review of the Capital Library, a total of 20 grassroots libraries (rooms) have become a candidate hall.

From September 1st to September 30th, with a variety of network channels such as Weibo, WeChat, readers invited readers to pass photos, graphic understanding of the overalls of the candidate, and participate in the "Reading Beijing" official network platform and WeChat applets Voting, as of the end of the event, a total of 150,977 votes received.

On October 13th, the industry review experts were assessing, reviewing, reviewing, and finally determined Chaoyang City Bookstore, Jingwang Home Reading Space, Haidian District Qinghe Street Library, etc. 10 Excellent Grassroots Libraries are selected. It is reported that the above reading space is open to the public, and the cultural activities close to the needs of the masses are held to meet the spiritual culture needs of the citizens. "Reading Beijing · Top Top Ten Excellent Reading Space – The Grassroots Library Promotional Activities around the People" will continue to explore excellent grassroots reading places, build high-quality cultural space integrating the daily life of the public, and promote the transformation of public libraries. 2021 "Reading Beijing · Top Ten Excellent Reading Space" Winners Chaoyang City Bookstore · Beijing Jingwang Home Reading Space Haidian District Qinghe Street Library Haidian District Siji Qing Town Library Shijingshan District Apple Garden Street Book Submite Housing Shan District Library Arches Street Branch Tongzhou District, Tongxian Town Library Shunyi District Library Guangming Street Branch Huairou District speaker Duan Manchu Township Star Academy Chemical Industry Press Co., Ltd. Xiong Bookstore (Dongcheng District First Library Cooperation Branch) Pinggu District Book The three rows of the museum (editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Share more people to see.