[Why does it hurt after finishing love, because of this matter]

[Why does it hurt after finishing love, because of this matter]

Too many male friends encounter this kind of thing, they will feel back pain after having sex. This kind of low back pain caused by sex is called atrial low back pain.

Most male friends do n’t know what causes it after atrial low back pain. In fact, these reasons need to be understood in time.

Inflammation is easy to cause low back pain after intercourse. Many people implant prostatitis. When men are in the same room, they will aggravate the pain of the penis, and the penis will become congested.If the diagnosis is to be treated in time, the life of the husband and wife should also be conducted under the guidance of a doctor.

Excessive sexual life, too many times in the same room are likely to cause back pain symptoms, because of repeated intercourse, more waist movements, a lot of activity, men are prone to lumbar muscle strain, causing men’s waist muscles sore and discomfort, want to avoidIn this case, it is best to control the same room, and regular husband and wife life is harmless.

The lack of orgasm can easily cause low back pain. The sexual pleasure and orgasm that occur in the same room can cause our genitals to be congested.Is advantageous.

When orgasm occurs during sexual life, a substance called enkephalin is naturally released. This substance has analgesic effect. If the orgasm is not reached, the secretion of this enkephalin will be small, and men will have back pain after sharing the same room.Symptoms are also normal.

Interruption of sexual life is easy to cause symptoms of back pain. If the sexual life is suddenly interrupted, it is not good for us. The reproductive organs are congested. Men are nervous and tired. It is easy to have back pain symptoms because of a sudden interruption of sex.Male sex suffers a lot, and sleep quality will also be poor, so the sudden interruption is the most taboo in the same room. Men should not be afraid of interrupting ejaculation by injecting semen into women, which is not good.