Go when it’s time to do it!“Snapped!”An ear slapped fan to my left face。He was full of anger,Almond-like pupils staring at me with cold air。I lower my head,Evade its edge temporarily。

“Did you insult a girl so much??Also intimidated!You bastard,Can’t see it,You are fat enough!”Brother Dog yelled at me ruthlessly in a just Chinese dress,I understand this is another bastard who is angry and crowned as a beauty。
“Apologize first!Apologize honestly!Let’s talk about things!”He is like a judge who enforces the law impartially,Can’t tolerate my disobedience。I clearly recognize the form,I definitely can’t escape。Besides, Gillian’s cry swallowed up my subsequent cruelty。Head without gunpowder,It’s like waking up after a rabies attack。I regained the behavior in my brain,I realized I had treated her too much。
“Sorry!I was a bastard just now!Don’t cry,Wait for this,We are strangers。Like you said,You don’t know me anymore。Now i say,I don’t know you anymore!”I finished in relief,Who knew she was crying harder,Howling。
Brother Gou was made up by our lines,He seemed to be a deceived bystander and became manic。
“okay!do not Cry!stop!Go out crying again!”Brother Gou finally impatiently stubbornly pressed his heart。
Gillian stopped being rude,Enduring the grievances I don’t know。It’s like weeping after enduring rape,Ewha’s rainy face crisscrosses,I don’t know which one is the Yangtze River,Which is the yellow river。
“I don’t understand what you are saying,But you are sure to steal something from others。Marco handed in all the loot。and also,Chen Haonan reported that he saw you at the scene,This is witness。Give you two one more chance,Anything else to say?”Dog brother suffocated his bad feces and scolded like a winner.。
Turned out to be“Carry handle”To blame。Oh shit,This one**Stuff,I think call him****Zi gave him gold。And my little cute,Mark,A thing that treats men as gadgets。My heart is cold,I’m holding my stomach,do not want to talk。Don’t let anyone mention anything about her at this time,Not even insinuations。Otherwise I will be like a petrol drum that only detonates,Or like a hungry stray dog。I don’t necessarily bite him,But I am beyond recognition, he or she will call me Dad。
Except for the two of them who hate a male and a female,The only thing I owe is the guilt of Gillian。She insisted on her innocence in the painful way of breaking up with me,Wordlessly bear the injustice that I hate to the bone。I used merciless slander to end her obsessive following of me。
I looked at her sadly,I hope she will respond。Just a look,Even if it’s just a cold, vicious or even contemptuous look。But she looks like an exterminator who sees through Hong Chen,Cold,High above,Ignore me and my dog brother。
I don’t have that kind of ability,Turning face is faster than turning book。A minute ago****,Even threatened to smash her face。Now I want my humble face to beg for good,I really can’t do it and don’t do it like。I looked at her with all my pity,But this limit hides the convergence of man’s self-esteem。I hope she can understand my suffering,She can understand that her blink of an eye to me at this time is a great comfort。But she didn’t!
Brother Gou gave us an unappealable sentence。Big leizi,That’s me,Stand guard outside the door for a week,Don’t leave the job without permission、Off duty,Supervised by Chen Haonan。Gillian,A letter of regret and guarantee。With dog brother’s words between the brows,Gillian’s central topic is to elaborate on how I abducted her into the quagmire,What kind of photophobia did I use,The most important thing is to ensure that I am a class enemy who has serious ideological mistakes.,It’s best not to interact with each other。
I have no complaints about such punishment,Although the enthusiasm of dog brother Lianxiangxiyu is self-evident。Brother Gou is deeply depressed about the past secret help but no return,At this time, the heaven-sent opportunity to show off his talents made him ignore others’ guidance。
A dizzy dog!
So I stood in the corridor outside the classroom for a week,Like a dog。Chen Haonan didn’t live up to Brother Dog’s trust,Conscientious,Dedication。When I go to the toilet, he will follow,Or pinch the watch for me。I thought angrily,Wasn’t the pee waiting that torture me now a result of being lazy at that time?。If I go back three minutes late,He is like a Tang monk or a woman who has changed sex,Babble,That mouth is like aAK47,And the salivary glands have evolved like a dog。Wait for him to finish,You just washed your face。
Fortunately, Gillian was finally out of danger,Escaped in the shadow of brother dog。Since then,We don’t even feel like a passerby anymore。Every time we meet,She saw me first,Would rather take a detour to avoid my sight。I noticed her first,I also hurriedly turned my head to avoid becoming a fellow traveler by mistake。Sometimes I just avoid it,We twisted our bodies back to back together like accomplices,Like two performers pretending to miss each other,Passing by in the horizontal footsteps of a crab。
Ever since,She is helpless,And i’m dreaming。
I’m talking about dreaming here,Just because i did dream of her。More than once,And twice。Some people will say I am passionate,Some people will say that I am abusive,If you can’t eat grapes a little bit more seriously, you will seriously scold me“Son of a bitch”。You have a pitiful Marco,How to eat the bowl and occupy the pot。
Then I can only say,Marco is no longer Marco,Gillian is no longer Gillian。Not to mention,In my dream, Gillian and I didn’t have sexual relations,Only an intangible but very real parting。Ever since I dreamed of our parting scene,Every day I see him, I will be faintly disturbed。