Speed collection|From roadside stalls to star stores, Guanxian mom, from the street health resort

Speed collection|From roadside stalls to star stores, Guanxian mom, from the street health resort

Recently, the weather in Sichuan has been chilling and flickering, and people can’t help but want to eat strings!

Hot pot and all the stuff!

I miss the rich taste of the spicy food, so that the delicious taste of the spicy, spicy, and spicy foods in the food can instantly warm up your tongue and lick your tongue!

But when you meet the taste buds, you will also have the theme of health in the fall.

This street-stricken spicy sanctuary is dedicated to you today. If you have a cold weather, you want to eat a bunch of chuanchuan’s mother’s casserole.The casserole makes the food even and even. The original food originated in the 1970s. I was born in Guan County, Sichuan Province. In order to give the family a cold and dampness, I used a casserole to make a large pot of skewers every day and passed down the food.The bottom of the pot is a disposable pot bottom. The bottom of the pot is red and cool. On the pot, you can smell the aroma of the aphid. The aphid has been drilling into the bottom of the stomach. The special casserole is used to ensure that the ingredients are heated evenly for a long time.It’s not greasy at all, it’s not sticky. According to the boss, the bottom of the pot is a secret ratio. Therefore, the feeling of eating is fragrant and not spicy. The oil is not greasy and will not be as greasy as eating other skewers.The best way to eat the sautéed sautéed sautéed beef is the beef and the small sirloin. The beef is freshly tender and smooth every day. Every beef is smooth and smooth. The beef feels smooth at the tip of the tongue.肉Coupled with very tasty meat fresh delicious every bite so happy!

There are 6 types of beef in the county of Guan County, such as coriander beef, pickled beef, and celery beef.


You can also eat Sichuan-specific Folding Root Beef, so Sichuan’s food friends want to eat the taste of hometown. This store has another big recommendation is that the slap beef is really super!




This slap beef is also secret, and the beef is bought on the same day. After seven or eight steps of beef entrance, it is tender and wants to make people jump!

In particular, you must use a dry saucer to eat the smooth slap-on beef with a delicious savory dry and spicy, but not dry. The thick taste of the mouth is really too tender for the beef to roll on the tongue!

There is no firewood at all, and such a large piece of beef is delicious, and the whole taste buds are smashed!

The other signature dish Xiaojun liver is very chewy Q-bomb and the inner core is very crisp and soft. The mouth is from the outer shell to the inner heart. Every mouth has a rich taste. All the spicy and fragrant are just right because of the richness of the soup base.You will find that everything is delicious, the crispness of the duck sausage, the deliciousness of the duck tongue, and the taste of the tofu skin.

.It’s hard to forget that the number of stores in the county has more than 3,000 stores across the country. It’s a well-deserved star string. Especially the original and healthy keep the stomach of a large number of diners.Think about where to go tonight?

Guanxian mother’s casserole pot skewers make the tongue of the late autumn dry!