one of them,Naturally the leader of Mangya country,The emperor of the chaotic beast clan—Mangya dominates。

And the other,But Palace Master Li Xing was stunned,That is Master Ming Dao。
He didn’t know the Ming Daojun who was ranked above him,But also read the other party’s information。
Can defeat the combination of Suimeng and Ugly King with a Dharmakaya,Very strong,But it’s just the power of the Taoist。
Compared to dominate,A peak Daoist should have no resistance。
But before his eyes。。。But it is Mangya who dominates the absolute disadvantage。
Above the Void,Mangya dominates and has a trace of fear after a long absence。
Five directions radiate golden light,Shaped like a sis plate,But the softer array is suspended in the air。
Five squares,Combining with each other directly bans this time and space。Even Mangya dominates the strongest person in the endless space and time,But there is no way to tear this time and space ban。
Sixteen natal flags spread,Thunder falls。
《Five Aggregates Forbidden Array》
《Chaotic Origin Tribulation Cloud Formation》
After reaching the four-step road,The power of these two formations surged to a terrifying point,Even Li Ming didn’t do it,These two formations alone,Cooperate《Cloud Nine Thunder Dragon》《Jinyang Hanmang》Combined《Liangyi Guardian Formation》。
Master Mangya is good at time and space,But can’t escape《Five Aggregates Forbidden Array》Ban。
On Attack,Master Mangya turned into a chaotic beast with six bends,A random blow can shatter time and space,But can’t break open《Liangyi Guardian Formation》Defense。