Lyon took the dagger,Before the pace of six pro,Don’t forget to lick your dagger when you talk:“Remind you first,If the person who is attached to the ghost is long.,Will seriously consume vitality,That is your lovely grandson,You don’t want him to become idiot,Or directly,Right?”

“I don’t want to hurt Xiaolong,But the two of my life,I want to revenge hate.。”
Little dragon,Youth hair,Spider web general context extends to cheeks,The voice is also extremely old。
“Old man,A passerby,Let me talk about it.。”
Liao Wenjie walked out of the shadow,See Xiaolong’s face,From the heart standing around Lyon。
“Hey,What are you doing?,Let you go home to sleep.。”
“Sleep later,I will persuade her first.。”
Liao Wenjie deeply took a breath,Say:“Old man,头 头 债 主 主,You find a son and daughter-in-law,What is better to pull a grandson??You don’t want to think,Really let you revenge success,How do you live after your grandson?,Do you live with your hands??”
This is not a murder,Be a talent,The heart of Xiaolong。
“It’s useless,She obsessed too deep,Never revenge, you can’t rest in the Nine Spring,The truth is good again.,She can’t hear it.。”
Lyon shakes his head,He grasps the ghost for many years,Similar things are not in a minority。
However, it is not used to use it.,Dragon palain is thinking,Suddenly, a dizza。
at the same time,A strong airflow straight by Liao Wenjie around him。
A glaucoma blooms in Liao Wenjie chest,If there is no mourning in the air,Tight the wind and four,Everything is calm。
Liao Wenjie stunned,He asked,The result is a cause,These ghosts,Conscience is eaten by the dog?
It certainly not,All fire。
“Ager,What is the number of roads?,Why have you been successful??”
Lyon pulls sunglasses,Run your hand in the chest of Liao Wenjie,Finally, the whole hand has been reached in.,Still nothing。
“Hey,Everyone is male,You are looking for。”
Liao Wenjie, a three steps away,Heart has a sense of affection:“Just just,The ghost of Li Laosar is not flying as a gray.?”
“Gray flying to the smoke,She revenge tonight,Will come back tomorrow night。”
Lyon picked up the lily flower,Headway:“But you don’t have to worry,She ate a big loss on you.,I don’t dare to find your suffocation tomorrow night.。”
“Wait a moment,I still have a problem。”
Liao Wenjie lifted a small dragon on the ground,Lyon’s back:“if,I am now alarm to catch the couple.,Let them get sanctions they should,Can Li’s ghosts can rest in peace??”
After all, it is a family.,Self-compliance and killing too cruel,No matter how,They are all tragedy。
Even if the Lee’s couple do not save,Xiaolong is innocent,Seven-eight-year-old child has no grandmother,No parents,Thin shoulders can fight back people?
“can not,Either you want to enter her in Yin Cao,Either let her soul,Either make her greatly report,No other means。”
“never mind”