Love·Dracula took a breath。

This is not too demanding,Does this woman have no idea??
This is almost the life that the world’s top richest can enjoy。
private plane、Private cruise……
I won’t mention these things for now.,Maintenance costs alone,The average rich can’t afford it。
Even many wealthy people want to lease private jets,In this way, we can earn some money to maintain the aircraft。
However, Lu Yuxin’s request is obviously more than that simple。
First of all, they have limited the brand,Boeing or Airbus for private jets,Naturally, it’s a specially ordered large aircraft。The purchase price of this large aircraft is second,It’s really expensive to maintain,And for private individuals,Needless to say how much fuel it costs to drive。
And you can leave whenever you want,This is definitely not possible to host or lease the aircraft,Can only be stored in nearby airports,And pay at least five digits of downtime on a daily basis。
And also have at least a private flight team on standby 24 hours,So as to ensure that when she needs to leave,Someone can move the plane at any time,Without waiting。
of course,The service staff is good to say,Not expensive。
But for safety,It’s better to prepare a reserve crew for the pilot,Two captains、Two captains,The monthly salary of the four pilots is at least several million larger。
And cruise ship,Experienced captains and sailors are also very expensive to hire。
of course,It’s not that Wang Yufei can’t afford the money,But no doubt,This woman is floating。
But then again,Love·Dracula thinks this woman’s appetite is a good thing。