[Doing this in the morning can beautify your face and prevent strokes]

[Doing this in the morning can beautify your face and prevent strokes]

Having sex early in the morning at least three times a week can reduce the risk of stroke and sudden high blood pressure; if sex is often scheduled at night, but regular, it can also improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure.

At six or seven o’clock in the morning, it is a time when men androgen secretion is more vigorous. If there is a one-time love every week at this time, it can cause symptoms of arthritis and migraine.

At the same time, it can also burn 300 calories of transients, effectively reducing the risk of diabetes.

If the number of sex in the morning can be maintained twice a week, it can enhance the activity of immunoglobulin and protect the human body from parasitic bacterial threats.

If it rises to three times, the risk of stroke and heart attack will be halved.

Early morning sex is also a good choice for those working generations.

Modern people work under pressure. Many people have lost their sexuality after returning home after a busy day.

After a good night’s sleep, some functions of the body can be restored, and the sensitivity of each sensory organ will be significantly improved. People are like a car filled with oil, ready to go.