For a time,Heliansheng’s internal undercurrents,External pressure,Internal and external troubles,The atmosphere is obviously wrong。

High-level groups like Uncle Bing and others,I also noticed the lack of confidence in the club recently,My brothers don’t work hard,The overall interests of the community have suffered a great loss,But I couldn’t find the reason for a while。
I just feel that the people under my hands are loose,The team is not good enough。I can talk about loyalty before,Speak interest,Now everyone is going to online games to teach loyalty,Speaking that interests are no match for others, there is a visible prospect,For those middle-level cadres who are expecting to take 10.4 million to go home for retirement,Hundreds of thousands have long been ignored。
And at the moment,Lu Menglin has already returned to the Shenzhen University campus,All changes in the rivers and lakes of Hong Kong Island,Seems to have nothing to do with him。
《Blood legend》Game public beta completed,Three servers have been opened,Still can’t satisfy the enthusiasm of the players,Every server is full,Really overcrowded,In order to squeeze into the server,In order to open the door to the game,obsessed
Of players do not hesitate to wait in front of the computer for half an hour,Even longer。
As“return”When the Hong Kong Island server is turned on,A large influx of mainland players,Almost paralyzed the Hong Kong Island server。
Although I know that there will be a delay in entering the Hong Kong Island server,But there are still many players rushing in without fear of death,Integrate with Hong Kong Island players。
After He Liansheng established a guild,,fourteenKAnd several other societies have also established guilds in the game,And started recruiting mainland players,For this kind of recruitment,The act of strengthening the community,They feel relieved,Looking at the densely packed character names on the guild list,It’s more enjoyable than accepting a younger brother in reality。
The more fierce the fight on the Hong Kong Island server,The rivers and lakes of Hong Kong Island are more peaceful。This weird state surprised the Hong Kong Island police anti-triad group for a while,Until they sent undercover players to the game,I learned the reason for the calm of the rivers and lakes。
The Legendary Heliansheng Guild is stronger,In reality, the strength of the Heliansheng club is getting weaker and weaker,More and more low-level community members choose to play games,The middle level is mixed eating and waiting to die,Waiting for the three-year period to come,All kinds of work without effort。
And other major societies on Hong Kong Island,Although some people play games,But he didn’t have such full involvement with Liansheng,They are not eligible to join1040engineering,Can only fight for territory,Fought and won the unintentional battle,Retreat,Less than three months,The site is actually reduced by a third,Recession to an unprecedented situation。
The major communities on Hong Kong Island have smelled the opportunity,There is a faint tendency to join forces,I want to eat up with Liansheng,Seeing that this river and lake is really going to change。
Lu Menglin’s career is in full swing,It’s not too much to describe the income of Legend Culture Company as daily Jindoujin.。
Only four servers,Over a million players,Every month is point card income,Has exceeded 30 million。
Propaganda through various channels continues,This bloody legendary game has become the best game of the year,All Internet cafes are killing legends,Large number of young people,Even middle-aged,Are all playing legends tirelessly,Chat legend,Popular。
The wealth in Lu Menglin’s hands is increasing at an incalculable rate,All channels work at the same time,The glory of the legendary year,Reappearing in his hands。
The legendary theme park project in Liufang,There are also legendary movies that collaborated with Eagle King Movies,Have been officially launched,And sufficient funds,In progress。
《Game time》Weekly and Three Kingdoms Killing Card Games have stable market share,In addition to giving strong support to the legendary game in promotion and market channels,Monthly revenue and profits are also considerable。