Li Qiu wants to grab the autumn to eat stew

Li Qiu wants to “grab the autumn” to eat stew

Beijingers have had a good habit since ancient times, and what is the season to eat, in this regard Beijing people are particularly concerned about and pay attention to.
For example, eating spring cake on the day of the spring; cooking noodles on the day of the rain; carrying the dumplings in the Dragon Boat Festival; the autumn stewed the meat, (meaning the autumn 膘).
So what is meant by “posting autumn”?
  In fact, in the hot summer, Beijingers have the saying of “bitter summer.”
Because the weather is too hot, people can’t eat anything, and they feel aversion.
Every day except for some fresh and cold noodles, there is nothing else to eat.
This is both a seasonal reflection and a reflection of the heart.
Although Li Qiu is still very hot, and people have no feeling of wet and sticky discomfort, after all, the cool autumn is coming.
So I began to sprout the idea of doing something delicious to compensate for the shortfall since the summer, what to eat?
The most explanation is the stew!
I used the method of eating stew to replenish the cockroaches that fell from the summer, so I called it “Autumn Autumn.”
This habit does not know when it started, but it has spread to today.
  Every day on the autumn day, you can see that the best seller in the market is meat. The Hui people buy beef and mutton, and the Han people buy pork. In this day, every household in the country is stewing meat. You can’t just go to Beijing.Which family to investigate, the greet you are the stew.
  Beijing people eat more stews on this day, not to mention more, especially the Han and the two.
First of all, the housewife at home has to go to the market to buy a large piece of fresh pork, and then go back to the house to wash it. Sitting on the stove, the pot is filled with the meat and water cut into cubes.Onions, ginger, garlic, pepper, aniseed, stuffed, miso, salt, stewed with simmer.
The material in this package is not simple. It is made up of: clove, cinnamon, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, woody, cold ginger, white peony, dried tangerine peel, cardamom, amomum, longan, cumin, licorice, etc.The composition of the spices, the smell of the stewed meat is tangy.
It can be said that on this day, the entire Beijing city is completely immersed in the smell of stew.
  In fact, Beijingers eat stews on this day, in addition to long-standing customs, it is also very good for health care.
Because the summer is too hot, people will unconsciously cause a partial eclipse, which is very harmful to the ecological balance of the human body, and often affects the endocrine and biological functions of the human body.
At this time, people solved the problem by eating stewed meat, which supplemented the necessary nutrients, fats, proteins, and various trace elements in the body, and played a role in strengthening the body’s resistance.The neutralization of various Chinese herbal medicines in the bag has a therapeutic effect on dehumidification and flattening and diarrhea.
  Therefore, the fact that Liqiu eats stewed meat has solved the problem of phlegm and at the same time has played a role in health care and health care. Why not do it?