Judging from the section of the wound of the dead,The kid who steals the inner alchemy is not high in cultivation,It is estimated to be the initial cultivation base of the eighth stage。

But judging from the way he killed Zhou Jianye and the two of them,This person may be doubleXMaster,Great strength,Zhou Jianye was killed by him directly breaking the bones of his body!
I predict,The true strength of this person can be compared to the initial cultivation base of Rank 7,It’s easy to kill a martial artist with a cultivation base below Rank 7!”
“Body double repair!”
Zhou Yanan had a big accident after hearing this,He pondered for a while and said:“In the early stage of double repair in the body, it can indeed crush the warriors of the same rank,However, the biggest disadvantage of double body repair is that it consumes more resources。
Especially the consumption of physical training,More than ten internal cultivators consume!With the resources in the world,Those of us who have passed on for thousands of years dare not easily cultivate a martial artist who is both internal and external.。
No wonder this kid dared to steal the inner alchemy under the eyes of our eight largest families!
It is estimated that he has insufficient follow-up resources,Forced to take this risk!”
Zhou Yanan was looking at Zhou Qun,Asked:“Are you confident that you can kill this kid?”
Zhou Qun is the cultivation base of the middle seventh stage,There are few warriors who are qualified to practice the eighth-rank combat skills under the Zhou family’s sixth-rank.,Although Chen Xiu is both internal and external,He is still confident to take Chen Xiu down。
“Ancestor,Just a little,That kid is very cunning,There is also a deep hiding technique,It’s not easy to find him in the forest of Nuo Da!”
“Don’t worry about this,I will use it then‘World Detective’Find him。I will be weak for a while after using this secret technique。You must go as fast as possible,Kill that kid as fast as possible,After winning the inner alchemy,Leave Shennongjia immediately!”
Zhou Qun never thought that the ancestor gave such an important task to himself,Excitedly said:“Patriarch rest assured,Guarantee to complete the task!”