Nothing happened after Li Tianchou got into the dense forest,Hu Dehai looks nervously at the path from time to time,I’m afraid that later conditions will affect my peers to remove obstacles。

But it seems lucky,It’s always quiet all around,Until the string in his heart can’t be tighter,There was a clear cry in the distance ahead,Then there were two short beeps,Then the mountains became quiet again。
Howling like a tit,Another example,This is the field communication signal used by Hu Dehai and Xu Wen when they were partnered a long time ago,One long and two short,Means safety,But it’s long since abandoned,I don’t know how Li Tianchou knew。
Hu Dehai did not hesitate,He pulled up his white coat and ran in the direction of the sound,Although the pain is unbearable,But now time is life,Instead, the white coat was crawling around。
From a distance, I saw Li Tianchou squatting on the edge of the valley.,The figure holding the rifle is extremely tall and sturdy,Hu Dehai secretly thumbs up,Xindao Laozi was a recruit,Just this action is ugly,Made to death by the instructor,One move,Tut。
The three quickly reunited,Li Tianchou reached out and pointed towards the valley,To Hood Haidao,“I’ve seen the two miles ahead,Safety。But go further in,You have to be mentally prepared for some scenes,I can’t help but mute‘Amitabha’Bar。”
The other side’s words are unpredictable,Hu Dehai is a little confused,But Li Tianchou smiled openly,Pointing to the white coat,“Don’t understand,ask him。You go first,I’ll catch up in a while。In addition,Take off all the coats,Twisted into thick rope,When it’s useful。”
“Uh,Those obstacles just now……It’s a lot of trouble?”Hu Dehai is also a careful person,He observes Li Tianchou’s face flushed,Like there have been intense activities,Haven’t recovered for such a long time,It seems that the other party’s ambush is not easy。
“Okay。”Li Tianchou downplayed,“time is limited,lets go。”
Hu Dehai is dark,No longer wordy,Immediately pushed away in a white coat。
A sentence from Li Tianchou‘Okay’It’s extremely dangerous,The end result is that the forest above has eight corpses lying down。At the moment of the raid,He can’t control the bloodthirsty and destruction impulse,The flushing of the complexion is not the result of strenuous exercise,But trying to suppress the evil thoughts in my heart,The appearance after mania。
Naturally, Hu Dehai cannot be allowed to visit that scene,Li Tianchou seriously doubted whether he would continue like this‘Destroyer’That way,Ultimately unable to control itself and go to destruction?
Unable to understand the demons that are getting harder to control,I don’t know if it is the effect of the medicine or the effect of the associated soul sequelae,Anyway, more and more painful,If you have a chance,Be sure to find Master Baiyun, the master’s master,Always like this,Will collapse sooner or later。
Hu Dehai and the two have turned the first bend of the valley,Came soon“vomit”Retching,Although the voice is suppressed as much as possible,But Li Tianchou still heard clearly,I don’t know if it is crying or laughing,It seems that old Hu, who has experienced many battles, can’t adapt‘Cemetery’That terrible atmosphere。
Li Tianchou’s figure slowly retreated into the forest,He has to stay here for at least five minutes,Wait for the two of Hu Dehai to prepare before climbing。
One set left in the backpack*,Do you want to destroy the old demon vine,He is still hesitating,But at this moment,There was an insignificant sound from the forest trail ahead,That is the sound of humans walking on the ground with dead branches and leaves,It is impossible to completely suppress,At least I can’t hide from Li Tianchou’s ears。
Coming so fast!If the person is an accomplice in the base,Even Zhang Zhiqiang,Then he will definitely contact those who ambush before,But these people have been dealt with,Wouldn’t it cause the other party’s alert soon?
Li Tianchou’s mind turned sharply,Made a quick judgment,He uses all fours together,Move quickly up the mountain beam like a gecko swimming on a wall,Give the opponent a small ambush from a height,It would be best if you could kill Zhang Zhiqiang on the spot,Get rid of this extremely abnormal demon,It’s not worth it。
The sound fades quickly,The other party is already alert,Li Tianchou crouched on the mountain beam to speed up his wandering speed,Stop by a dead tree with a broken trunk,It is not suitable to use a telescope,The reflection of the mirror will reveal the orientation,The obstacles in the dense forest can only rely on perception and hearing。
The front sight of the rifle in Li Tianchou’s hand quickly caught a vague figure,The opponent seems to be squatting on the slope,Because of the distance,Can’t see the specific actions。